About Us

We're all about making Kubernetes applications scale seamlessly.

We've built our company around KEDA, an autoscaling game-changer in the Kubernetes world.

Kedify specializes in simplifying KEDA adoption, offering expert guidance in deployment, management, and troubleshooting to ensure seamless integration.
Additionally, we excel in tailoring custom features that precisely align with specific enterprise requirements, further enhancing the value of the KEDA ecosystem.

We strive to empower businesses to optimize their cloud resources and spending through the implementation of best autoscaling practices made possible by KEDA.
We understand the critical importance of cost efficiency in today's cloud-centric landscape and are committed to guiding organizations towards smarter resource allocation.

We wholeheartedly support the KEDA project by actively fostering its growth, nurturing its community, and upholding open source values.  
At Kedify, we believe in open source's power to innovate and democratize technology, and we're committed to aiding KEDA in realizing this vision.

Profile picutre of Zbynek Roubalik

Zbynek Roubalik
Founder & CTO 

A long-time KEDA maintainer, an emeritus member of Knative Technical Oversight Committee. Has many years of experience in open source and cloud-native technologies and is a frequent speaker on all things Kubernetes.