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Autoscale instantly so you never over-provision

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Kedify specializes in enterprise-grade autoscaling for Kubernetes applications.

Leveraging the power of KEDA, an open-source project, we provide efficient, intelligent autoscaling that cuts costs and ensures smooth operations—even under heavy loads.

Customers have the flexibility to scale applications based on various metrics and events, allowing precise resource alignment. Plus, we let you scale applications down to zero.

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Why Kedify

Intelligent autoscaling powered by KEDA

Scale on various metrics not just resources consumption

Save costs by scaling your applications to zero

Seamless integration with existing Kubernetes setups

Cost-effective solutions tailored to enterprise needs

Leading expertise in Kubernetes applications autoscaling


Our mission is straightforward:

  • Providing top-tier autoscaling solutions for Kubernetes apps
  • We're driven by the belief that enterprises should be able to grow without hefty costs
  • Kedify is your partner in achieving efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free scaling for your applications

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